At The Phillips Building In Borger, Texas ...
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Success Demands Focus

  • 100% Building Electrical Back-Up Generator 
  • Impressive Phone System
    100% Digital for Security
    Call Forwarding
    Caller ID
    Conference Call Capability
    Voice Mail
    Auto Attendant
    Toll Free Surrounding Areas
    Custom Messaging
    Call Back / Busy Station Queuing
    External Paging Interface

  • Internet Connectivity
    T1 Digital Lines and/or Broadband
    Wireless for Maximum High Speed
    Connections throughout the
    building including conference and
    media areas
  • Networking
    10/100/1000 Mbps between Offices,
    Floors and (or) Work Area(s)
  • Media Conference Room
    Accomodates 350 persons
    Rear and Front Projected Video Screens for
    Computer, DVD, or VCR based media
    Speaker Podium w/remote controlled
    room lighting and sound


Media Conference Room


First-Floor Conference Room


Training Classroom


Fourth-Floor Conference Room